Kodiak Broadband Push-to-Talk

Centralized Web-based PTT Administration

Kodiak-powered Push-to-Talk is setting the standard for the future of PTT and the benefits of instant communication. Kodiak-powered PTT is built for the future.

Contact & Talk Group Management

Web Browser Simplicity 

The Centralized Administrator Tool supports all commonly used web browsers, including Internet Explorer 8 or 9, Firefox 8, Safari 5, or Chrome 15. No software installation is required. The Admin Tool is accessible via your carrier's web-based management portal.

Accessible from Anywhere 

Wherever you have an Internet connection and a supported browser, you can access the Centralized Admin Tool. So, if you need to modify who’s in a talk group while you’re at the coffee shop, you can make that change while grabbing a cup. The Admin Tool gives you fast and flexible control of your PTT user's devices from wherever you are. 

Program Phones before Deployment 

After your organization completes subscription to Kodiak-powered PTT service from a carrier, an administrator can assign contacts and groups to PTT users before handsets are deployed and activated. This capability allows PTT users to immediately start using PTT when they receive their handsets.

Empowers Your Organization 

With the Admin Tool, you gain direct control and more flexibility over how PTT is used within your organization. For example, you can create, assign, and remove a temporary talk group on the fly or give a different person in a talk group Talker Priority (Supervisory Override) without the involvement of your carrier or need to physically obtain devices. You can make changes to your PTT communications structure in real time. You have control.

Build & Assign Talk Groups 

The Admin Tool enables you to easily create and modify talks groups which brings more flexibility to the way your organization uses talk groups. Building talk groups of up to 250 members each is done quickly from the convenience of your computer. Since the Admin Tool for your organization displays only subscribers of your carrier's PTT service, the talk groups you create will have the exact PTT users you need. The talk groups you build are pushed automatically and wirelessly to the devices of the memebrs of those groups.

Real-time Wireless Sync 

Contacts and talk groups assigned to your PTT users are automatically pushed out from the Web-based Admin Tool to devices wirelessly in real time. No human action is required on the devices to accept the updates either. When you make changes to a PTT user’s contact list, shuffle around PTT users to different groups, or modify the name of a PTT user, all updates are pushed to devices in real time so your PTT users in the field are always up to date.

Allocate PTT Contacts 

Easily allocate contacts to each of your PTT users without the need to physically interact with any PTT devices. Additionally, you won't have to guess at which people in your organization are PTT subscribers since only those who have the service will display in the Master List of Subscribers within the Admin Tool. For even more flexibility, the tool allows you to add and assign external contacts—like employees of a supplier who also have the same PTT service—to your organization's PTT users.

Lock Down PTT Devices 

If you don't want your PTT users to be able to create/save additional PTT contacts or talk groups directly on their devices, then set users to “Corporate” mode within the Admin Tool to lock down their devices. In Corporate mode, only the centrally-managed PTT contacts and talk groups are available on their devices. PTT handsets and devices automatically switch to this restrictive mode when set within the Admin Tool.

Manage All PTT Apps 

The Admin Tool allows you to manage all the contacts and talk groups for all your PTT users regardless of the device platform or subscriber type. That means that any of the PTT device apps for Android, Windows Mobile, Windows PC, or BlackBerry, and the Dispatch Console are manageable from the convenience of your Centralized Admin Tool for PTT.

Adapts to Your Organization 

The PTT Admin Tool is highly scalable and designed to meet the needs of different types of organizations and different internal structures. The administration tool adapts to how you use PTT in your organization. The administration tool allows a small business to be agile and flexible or mirror the strict structure of a large multi-national corporation.

* Not all system features, components, devices, and capabilities described on pushtotakbykodiak.com are available by every carrier that offers a Kodiak-powered Push to Talk service. Refer to each carrier's PTT service documentation and/or website for details on the carrier's PTT service offering.