Kodiak Broadband Push-to-Talk

Push-to-Talk Built for the Future. Available Now.

Kodiak Broadband Push-to-Talk is setting the standard for the future of PTT and the benefits of instant communication. Kodiak-powered PTT is built for the future.

Kodiak Broadband PTT Core Features

Broadcast Calling & Announcements 

When your dispatcher has an important message that needs to get out quickly, broadcast calling provides high priority one-way communication to up to 500 users at one time. Broadcast calling pre-empts any on-going call, talk group members cannot call-back or reject the call, and broadcast calls even barge in when the user device is in “do not disturb” mode.

Talk Group Scanning & Priority 

Talk Group Scanning with PriorityListen to and monitor only the talk groups that you want. With Talk Group Scanning enabled, you hear communication activity from only the talk groups that you select (up to 16) and nothing from those you don’t. For the most-important talk groups, you can set up to three to have Talk Group Priority which allows talk activity on those talk groups to override and interrupt talk activity on any talk group set to be scanned.

Secure PTT Conversations 

Kodiak-powered PTT delivers security through voice and signaling encryption, using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 to protect PTT users from unauthorized call interception and monitoring. Voice encryption provides end users with unparalleled protection and security for their PTT communications.

FIPS 140-2 Level 1 

FIPS 140-2 Level compliance provides you with peace of mind, making certain that your push-to-talk communications are secure. FIPS 140-2 Level 1 certification confirms that the cryptographic module utilized by the Kodiak Broadband PTT solution meets the standards for use by U.S. government and other regulated industries that collect, store, transfer, share and disseminate sensitive but unclassified (SBU) information.

Wi-Fi Network Coverage 

Kodiak Broadband PTT users can leverage enterprise Wi-Fi access points and carrier-deployed hot spots for PTT-enabled handsets, Kodiak dispatch console, and PC-based PTT clients. The addition of Wi-Fi support maximizes in-building coverage and helps reduce international communications costs. Wi-Fi provides improved coverage to stay in touch even when cellular wireless service is unavailable.

Wi-Fi Only Devices 

Being able to use Wi-Fi only devices — devices that do not use the cellular network — broadens your PTT device options and increases your opportunity for your PTT communications to be even more cost effective.

Interoperability with Mobile Two-way Radio System 

LMR InteroperabilityKodiak-powered PTT can interconnect with Land or Private Mobile Radio systems (LMR/PMR) to extend network coverage, leverage the latest mobile technologies, and use PTT and mobile broadband data on a single device, while retaining the capability to communicate with existing two-way radios.

Patented Sub-second Call Setup Performance 

Kodiak's patented sub-second call set-up performance allows you to start talking right after you push the talk button. Select your contact or group name and begin speaking - that's what instant communications is all about.

Centralized Contact & Talk Group Management 

Program every handset and device in your organization with PTT contacts and talk groups using an intuitive Web-based administration tool. PTT users' devices are updated over-the-air and in real-time. Individual PTT users don't need to worry about creating and managing a PTT address book themselves. More >

Broad Handset & Device Support, Including Windows PC 

Kodiak-powered Push-to-Talk is available on more mobile handsets and operating systems than ever before, providing end users with the broadest choice of PTT-enabled devices that include low-cost feature phones, Android-based smartphones, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile handsets, and Windows-based PC's. More >

Highest Voice Quality 

Kodiak-powered PTT uses advanced voice-transmission technology that leads the industry in quality so you can understand each and every conversation clearly. Don't settle for push-to-talk services that are based on old standards and technology.

Most Diverse Network Coverage: 4G, LTE, 3G & Wi-Fi 

PTT over 4g, 3g, LTE, Wi-Fi

Get PTT on the latest wireless-network technology today. Kodiak-powered Push-to-Talk works over 4G LTE/HSPA+, 3G, and Wi-Fi networks, giving you the most coverage options for your PTT communications. Built into Kodiak-powered PTT is the flexibility and expandability to work over existing and emerging network technologies - it's PTT that's future proof.

Call-Me Alerts 

Send someone a "Call Me" alert even when a PTT user's presence is set to "Do Not Disturb." Even when someone is busy, you can let them know that you need to talk when they're available again.

Talker Priority (Supervisory Override) 

An assigned supervisor can override a talk group call when it's necessary to do so. When a PTT user is designated as the supervisor for a talk group, they have precedence over an existing PTT speaker and can take the talk floor immediately.

Real-time Presence 

With real-time presence, you know if someone is available to talk before you push the talk button. If the indicator next to a person's name is green, this means that the person is "Available" to talk. If the indicator is red, then that person is in "Do Not Disturb" (DND) mode and can't talk at this time. Switching presence status is quick and easy from the PTT home screen.

Dispatch Console 

Know where PTT users are and reach them at the click of a button. The integrated Dispatch Console displays PTT user location on a map, allowing dispatchers to select users on the map and make a quick PTT call. With an integrated console, dispatchers can easily reach PTT users, monitor talk groups, capture call logs, and much more. More >

Talk Group Late Join / Rejoin 

You can join an on-going talk group call anytime. So, if you're on another call when a talk-group call starts, you can jump into the talk-group conversation when finished with the other call. Also, if you leave an on-going talk-group call, you can rejoin it when it's convenient to do so.

Built to Scale 

At the core of Kodiak-powered Push-to-Talk is the system's ability to adapt to any organization's structure and operation. This flexibility allows organizations ranging from small businesses to large multinational corporations to easily and quickly get started using Kodiak-powered PTT.

* Not all system features, components, devices, and capabilities described on pushtotakbykodiak.com are available by every carrier that offers a Kodiak-powered Push to Talk service. Refer to each carrier's PTT service documentation and/or website for details on the carrier's PTT service offering.