Kodiak Broadband Push-to-Talk

Dispatch Console

Manage your entire team more efficiently. The integrated Dispatch Console allows dispatchers to map the location of Kodiak Broadband PTT devices, monitor push-to-talk activity, and record conversations of employees in the field, as well as make PTT calls to a whole talk group, a selected set PTT users, or to just one person.

Manage Dispatched Operations

Dispatcher PTT Calling 

Dispatch Console PTT Marker Dialog ControlThe Dispatch Console allows a dispatcher to make PTT calls to workers on the road or in the field directly from a Windows PC equipped with a microphone and a speaker. The Dispatch Console can be installed for each user on a single PC which makes shift-based dispatching even more flexible. To make a PTT call to someone, the dispatcher just needs to click on a PTT user's marker on the integrated map and click the call button. To call multiple people, the dispatcher can simply select multiple markers (people) to start a quick-group PTT call. PTT users in the field can listen to and monitor talk group calls from the dispatcher and initiate a direct one-to-one call to the dispatcher if allowed by the administrator. Additionally, the Dispatch Console is manageable via the Centralized Admin Tool so you can include it in multiple talk groups, assign associated PTT users, and set the dispatcher to have Supervisor Override (Talker Priority) conveniently and easily.

Locate Workers Based on GPS Mapping 

Dispatch Console GPS MappingSee your workers' locations on the integrated map at a refresh interval you set or on-demnd within the Dispatch Console. Each of your PTT users in the field with a GPS-supportted device is displayed on the map with as a marker. The map provides a convenient way for you to locate workers, initiate PTT calls to a single or a set of selected workers, send alerts, determine the availability status of workers, or even control who displays on the map.

Call Recording 

The Dispatch Console allows for the automatic recording of all PTT calls (default) or for on-demand recording of selected calls. To begin rerecord a call, the dispatcher simply presses the convenient Record button. Audio files of the recordings can be saved to a user-selectable PC-system location and selectively exported for playback in other audio applications.

Dispatcher Priority for On-going PTT Calls 

Dispatchers can be given Supervisory Override (Talker Priority) so that they can take the call floor any time during an on-going group call—even when someone else is speaking. Supervisory Override is easily set up using the Centralized Admin Tool and can be assigned for one, some, all of the talk groups for which the dispatcher controls. With Supervisory Override, your dispatcher will be able to communicate an important, time-sensitive message to a group at any moment.

Talk Group Monitoring 

The Kodiak Dispatch Console provides a dedicated panel for group monitoring allowing you to view the activity status of a monitored group, start a group call, join an on-going group call, or locate group members on a map.

Status of All 

Easily find out the availability status of your PTT users by looking at the color of the presence indicators displayed in front of each PTT user's name: Available (green), offline (gray), or Do Not Disturb (red). The Dispatch Console's integrated map colors PTT users' map markers based on each's presence status which allows you to quickly see who's available within a geographic area. Also, dispatchers can set their own presence status as Available or Do Not Disturb.

Call History & Alert Logs 

The Dispatch Console provides call history and logs of alerts that the dispatcher received. The call history allows you to determine who talked when to whom. Additionally, you can replay recorded conversations from the Logs tab.

* Not all system features, components, devices, and capabilities described on pushtotakbykodiak.com are available by every carrier that offers a Kodiak-powered Push to Talk service. Refer to each carrier's PTT service documentation and/or website for details on the carrier's PTT service offering.