Kodiak Broadband Push-to-Talk

Push-to-Talk Anywhere There's Wi-Fi

Kodiak-powered PTT expands wireless coverage from 4G LTE, 4G HSPA+, and 3G to access Wi-Fi networks. For PTT users, the addition of Wi-Fi provides maximum in-building coverage and reduces international communications costs.

Extend PTT Coverage Using Wi-Fi

With Kodiak-powered PTT, users can make and receive PTT calls over compatible Wi-Fi systems including public Wi-Fi hotspots, home networks, and corporate Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi provides improved coverage to stay in touch even when cellular wireless service is unavailable. In addition to cellular and Wi-Fi, Kodiak-powered PTT supports interoperability with land mobile radio (LMR), allowing end users to use a single device to communicate with users on traditional landline, mobile, and two-way radio systems.

Wi-Fi extend PTT coverage in buildings

Staying Connected

Being able to stay connected while on the move is critical - especially in business. With Kodiak-powered PTT, users can leverage Wi-Fi access points within an organization for effective in-building coverage, especially in areas where cellular coverage may be weak due to reinforced construction or sound proofing. Kodiak-powered PTT extends Wi-Fi communications beyond the traditional four-walled environment so users can stay connected especially during business critical situations

Make the smart move to Kodiak-powered PTTGet Connected

Controlling Costs

Many individuals and businesses require international communications access that can significantly increase monthly wireless bills. With Kodiak-powered PTT, users can make PTT calls and access line-of-business data on the same Wi-Fi network, avoiding the cost of cellular data or without worrying about exceeding mobile data usage limits. With Kodiak-powered PTT users can leverage Wi-Fi between international locations without using cellular minutes or incurring roaming charges - another cost savings benefit for companies.

Wi-Fi extends PTT coverage internationally

Getting Started

Connecting Kodiak-powered PTT to Wi-Fi is very easy — simply requiring a PTT device with built-in Wi-Fi capability that can connect to a Kodiak-powered carrier network. Get Connected to a Kodiak-powered PTT wireless carrier for device and service plan options.

* Not all system features, components, devices, and capabilities described on pushtotakbykodiak.com are available by every carrier that offers a Kodiak-powered Push to Talk service. Refer to each carrier's PTT service documentation and/or website for details on the carrier's PTT service offering.