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The hospitality industry—hotels, restaurants, and other entertainment organizations—requires always-on, real-time push-to-talk communication capabilities to deliver the highest-quality guest experience.

Reinventing Push-to-Talk for the Hospitality Industry

Whether you're general manager of a hotel, a restaurant owner, or security director of a gaming resort, the ability to communicate instantly across an organization and access line-of-business data is critical to enhancing a guest’s experience, boosting employee productivity, or resolving a business or customer issue. Kodiak-powered Push-to-Talk enables managers and staff to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively through real-time communications and application integration that utilize a single device – saving both time and money for an organization.

Enhancing Guest Experience

A major public figure walks into your restaurant or gaming facility — a platinum status guest checks into your hotel — These are examples of situations that require real-time and efficient mobile communications to ensure customer satisfaction. With Kodiak-powered PTT, front desk staff and guest services personnel can instantly communicate with the right individuals and groups to ensure customer’s needs are immediately taken care of — whether it's a preferred table, surprise birthday cake, or second set of feather pillows delivered to their room.

Boosting Employee Productivity

For employees in the hospitality industry, the turnaround time for guest requests is generally very short. Being able to instantly communicate guest requirements and the status of resolution to one or multiple departments is critical to ensuring customer satisfaction. The ability to quickly convey requests via real-time voice or messaging — using just one device — saves time and money, and just one of the benefits offered by Kodiak-powered PTT.

Simplifying Communications

Many hotel executives and managers carry a smartphone for cellular calling and accessing mobile business applications. Communicating with staff members that use two-way LMR radios requires carrying a separate PTT-enabled device, which lacks convenience and adds additional communications expense. With Kodiak-powered PTT, users can carry just one device, a PTT-enabled smart phone for instant voice communications, text messaging, and access to key business applications — making it convenient to stay in touch. Staff members can also continue to use existing two-way radios as Kodiak-powered PTT supports LMR interoperability.

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