Kodiak Broadband Push-to-Talk

New Level
of Push-to-Talk

Kodiak-powered PTT helps construction firms and former iDEN users take their business to a new level with future-proof, next-generation PTT with the industry's best performance and features, expanded network coverage, and choice of the latest handsets, devices, and purpose-built accessories.

Serious Power Tool of Communication

Construction firms were among the first adopters of PTT to bridge communications across job sites, project design teams, engineering organizations, and field-based construction workers. Construction companies have continued to invest in fast, dependable mobile communications because they understand the true benefits of PTT to improve productivity, reduce costs, and grow revenues. With Kodiak-powered PTT, construction firms can now future-proof their investment and take their instant communications to a whole new level with advanced features, nationwide network coverage, Wi-Fi support, and smartphones with real-time access to mobile data and productivity applications — all using a single device.

Purpose-built for Construction

Construction sites are generally complex centers of activity that require skilled personnel including project managers, civil engineers, building architects, and heavy equipment operators. Being able to seamlessly communicate across a broad spectrum of users requiring ruggedized and smart devices is essential. With Kodiak-powered PTT construction teams have access to a comprehensive mobile solution that provides enhanced instant communications functionality and LMR interoperability - requiring just one device for both PTT and access to mobile broadband data. Kodiak-powered PTT enables all areas of the construction industry-architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers - to communicate instantly with a broad range of devices and purpose-built accessories for hands-free use and loud, industrial or outdoor environments.

Innovations Driving Renovations

While construction projects can range from road repair to highly complex commercial structures to residential remodels - the ability to effectively manage materials, resources, and productivity is a universal priority that spans all construction functions. Coordinating construction requests across a variety of stationery and mobile workers requires the ability to seamlessly communicate project status, production schedules, work orders, and materials delivery. Kodiak-powered PTT works across the latest cellular networks (including 4G LTE, 4G HSPA+, and 3G) and Wi-Fi — ensuring coverage and real-time connectivity in commercial, industrial, and residential settings in addition to outdoor work environments. Kodiak-powered PTT also supports PTT on a desktop PC in addition to a broad set of mobile devices. With Kodiak-powered PTT construction firms and former iDEN users can leverage the most advanced technologies to stay on schedule and ahead of the competition.

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