Kodiak Broadband Push-to-Talk

Innovating Communications for 21st Century Schools

Kodiak-powered PTT is the smart choice for Education, helping to keep faculty connected and students safe across playgrounds, along bus routes, and throughout a campus environment.

Advancing Education through Enhanced Communications

Today’s schools continue to face tough challenges with ongoing budget cuts, higher student/teacher ratios, and demands for increased security to keep students and faculty safe. Kodiak-powered PTT delivers enhanced instant communications technology to help faculty stay connected in classrooms, dispatchers in touch with bus drivers, and administrators able to easily reach maintenance personnel and custodial staff. Kodiak-powered PTT works across the latest cellular networks (including 4G LTE, 4G HSPA+, and 3G) and Wi-Fi – ensuring secure network coverage and real-time connectivity across campus settings and along student transport routes — requiring just one device for both PTT and access to mobile broadband data. Now that is inspired thinking.

Changing the Education Experience

While many schools have moved to a 21st century learning model powered by robust communications technology, others are still grappling with fragmented legacy voice and data communications systems including old PBX/Centrex, intercom/paging, and two-way radio systems. Kodiak-powered PTT delivers a complete communications solution for schools of all levels – including K-12, colleges, and universities – by integrating instant voice calling, group communications, broadband data, productivity applications, and administrative processes – all onto a single robust mobile platform. Kodiak-powered PTT runs on mobile handsets and a Windows PC client so that all functions of a school’s operations are able to seamlessly communicate using the same infrastructure. Kodiak powered PTT makes education more accessible.

Smart Choices for Education

Kodiak-powered PTT provides a Web-based corporate administration tool that enables dynamic creation or updating of contacts and talk groups that are synched to devices wirelessly and in real-time. All functions within a school can leverage Kodiak-powered PTT — teachers, administrators, bus drivers, dispatchers, and maintenance crews — to communicate instantly with a broad range of devices and purpose-built PTT accessories for hands-free use in dynamic environments and mobile conditions. Show your brilliance by choosing Kodiak-powered PTT.

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