Kodiak Broadband Push-to-Talk

Maximize Communications

Enhance manufacturing efficiency through next-generation PTT that's integrated with productivity applications and business processes.

Transform How the Manufacturing Floor Communicates

The manufacturing industry faces challenges by customers, suppliers and competitors to produce and deliver goods faster and cheaper than ever before. To address these pressures to improve productivity, reduce costs, and grow revenues, manufacturing executives have been investing in mobile communications solutions that are more directly mapped to their business processes and work flows.

Whether it's plant managers getting status reports, supervisors assigning work orders, or inventory control personnel coordinating the receipt of goods - access to real-time communications to make informed business decisions is essential to staying on schedule and under budget. Kodiak-powered PTT offers a powerful PTT application that can be integrated with productivity applications and business processes due to its support for the latest mobile broadband networks.

Lean Manufacturing, Meet Instant Communication

Kodiak-powered PTT helps manufacturing firms stay lean by increasing their agility and efficiency across an organization through a comprehensive mobile solution that provides enhanced instant communications functionality and LMR interoperability - requiring just one device for both PTT and access to mobile broadband data. Kodiak-powered PTT enables all areas of the manufacturing industry-production managers, machine operators, maintenance technicians, and executives- to communicate instantly with a single PTT device that interoperates with LMR. Kodiak-powered PTT runs on not only mobile handsets but also a Windows PC so that all functions of a manufacturing operation are able to seamlessly communicate and in real time, using the same communications infrastructure.

Maximizing Productivity

The ability to effectively manage production of goods and resources is a critical role that spans all manufacturing functions. Coordinating manufacturing requests across a variety of tethered and mobile workers requires the ability to seamlessly communicate about task planning, work orders, production status, inventory, and quality control. Kodiak-powered PTT works across the latest cellular networks (including 4G LTE, 4G HSPA+, and 3G) and Wi-Fi - ensuring coverage and real-time connectivity in both industrial manufacturing settings and outdoor work environments. Kodiak-powered PTT also provides a Web-based corporate administration tool that enables on-the-fly creation or update of contacts and talk groups, synched to devices wirelessly and in real time.

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