Kodiak Broadband Push-to-Talk

Integrated Communications

Kodiak-powered PTT delivers real-time communications capabilities that keep the transportation industry on the move with instant calling functionality that interoperates with two-way radio systems.

Push-to-Talk that Moves Transportation

Transportation is a critical infrastructure resource and key driver of our economy, helping to transport people and goods to destinations around the world. The transportation industry has a unique business model that incorporates the movement of people and products via various transport modes including ground, air, and water. The ability to efficiently move, track, and deliver freight requires real-time communications capabilities that span a wide variety of transportation scenarios including trucks, taxis, trains, planes, and ocean-going vessels.

Transforming Communications

Kodiak-powered PTT offers the transportation industry a comprehensive instant communication solution that provides enhanced functionality and interoperability with two-way radio (LMR) systems — requiring just one device for both PTT and access to mobile broadband data — along with nationwide network coverage.

Moving to Mobility

The transportation industry faces a number of increasing pressures — government regulation is on the rise, demands for goods is faster and companies have to do more with less, in terms of both people and assets. As pressures grow to reduce costs associated with fuel, maintenance and insurance premiums — the people at the wheel — truck and taxi drivers, train engineers, and boat captains — are all feeling tremendous stress to do their jobs safely, yet more efficiently.

Instant Communications over Road, Rail, and Radio

Kodiak-powered PTT enables all areas of the transportation industry, including drivers, dispatch operators, transportation coordinators, maintenance crews, and executives, to instantly communicate using a single device that integrates PTT with mobile productivity applications and business processes. Having the ability to communicate real-time and proactively address problems helps reduce stress across an organization. Kodiak-powered PTT interoperates with two-way radio systems — without the inherent limitations — and runs on the latest cellular networks, Wi-Fi, and Windows PC's so that all transportation functions can seamlessly communicate.

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Improve Speed & Safety with PTT

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