Kodiak Broadband Push-to-Talk

Marketplace of Fast Communications

Kodiak-powered PTT helps retailers and wholesalers mobilize their business through an instant communications platform that spans the supply chain to the storefront.

Increase Efficiency. Manage Margins.

Retailers and wholesalers are faced with a number of challenges due to highly fluctuating economic cycles, globalization of goods, and intense competition to win customer loyalty. In order to improve productivity, retain customers, and grow margins, many retail and wholesale executives are investing in mobile communications solutions that provide them with instant access to people and information. Whether it’s tracking down a delivery, launching the latest fashions, or obtaining inventory updates during peak selling times – access to real-time, integrated communications is essential to managing margins  – by keeping merchandise moving through the supply chain and into customer’s hands.

Instant Gratification

For the retail and wholesale industry – communicating fast and efficiently is critical for maximizing business productivity and ensuring customer satisfaction. Need an immediate response on customer order status or the exact time a shipment is scheduled for delivery? Kodiak-powered PTT delivers reliable, patented sub-second call set-up performance so users can select a contact or group name, push the talk button, and begin speaking instantly to resolve business issues. Need to communicate with your manufacturer, wholesaler, and shipper – who are dispersed throughout factories, offices, and transportation vehicles? Kodiak-powered PTT works across the latest cellular networks (including 4G LTE, 4G HSPA+, and 3G) and Wi-Fi – ensuring coverage and real-time connectivity in both indoor and outdoor settings.

More for Your Money

The ability to effectively manage the distribution and selling of goods is essential for the retail and wholesale sector, yet much of the infrastructure is outdated with fragmented, legacy voice and data communications systems including PBX/Centrex, intercom/paging, and two-way radio systems. Kodiak-powered PTT delivers a complete communications solution by integrating instant voice calling, group communications, regular voice, broadband data, productivity applications, and administrative processes – all onto a single robust mobile platform. Kodiak-powered PTT runs on a broad range of mobile handsets and a Windows PC so that all business functions are able to seamlessly communicate using the same infrastructure, efficiently and cost-effectively. 

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