Kodiak Broadband Push-to-Talk

Reliable Real-Time Communication

Mobile instant communication is critical for electricity providers, water systems, gas delivery, and waste-water management—especially in emergency situations. Kodiak-powered Push to Talk reliably excels in that critical role.

Powering Instant Communications with LMR Interoperability

For the utilities industry the ability to communicate instantly within an organization and across agencies or dynamically access line-of-business data is critical to delivering timely and efficient services. Kodiak-powered PTT enables all levels of a utility, including line workers, field operations, and executives managing distribution, to communicate in real -time and with just a single PTT device that interoperates with LMR and dispatch systems. Kodiak-powered PTT offers a more cost-effective alternative to LMR and delivers greater coverage, features, and benefits.

Distribution Management

The ability to effectively manage distribution of resources is a critical role that spans all sectors of the utilities industry. Utilities distribution touches a variety of office employees and field workers who need to be able to seamlessly communicate regarding deploying personnel, issuing work orders, and reporting job status. Kodiak-powered PTT supports utility distribution management through 1-to-1 calls and a variety of talk groups including ad-hoc and pre-defined (supported via a corporate administrator tool) – with up to 1,300 contacts and 130 groups, including up to 250 members per group.

Emergency Response

For the utilities industry, anticipating an approaching hurricane or having to react to a critical emergency situation requires the ability to effectively communicate across organizations and agencies to minimize risk and restore services after an outage. A command center serves a critical role in these situations and underscores the need for PTT, LMR, and dispatch system interoperability not only within an organization but also across utilities and government agencies. Kodiak-powered PTT offers utilities personnel one PTT enabled device that can interoperate with two-way radios and works across the latest cellular networks (including 4G LTE, 4G HSPA+, and 3G), and Wi-Fi – ensuring coverage and real-time connectivity both inside buildings and outdoors in challenging environments.

Workforce Utilization

Ensuring adequate workforce utilization and managing costs are key considerations for utilities executives that require an efficient communications strategy. Kodiak-powered PTT supports a broad set of devices and operating systems, as well as the use of existing two-way radio technology. The Kodiak PTT platform provides a centralized contact and group management tool to simplify address book administration, which enables dynamic creation and distribution of pre-defined talk groups, which are synched to devices in real-time and over the air. Kodiak-powered PTT runs on the latest cellular networks, Wi-Fi, and Windows PCs so that office personnel and field crews can seamlessly communicate, which is essential to workforce utilization

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