Kodiak Broadband Push-to-Talk

We Have Answers

This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQs) provides brief answers to many common questions about Kodiak-powered PTT, the next-generation of enhanced PTT that's flexible enough for every organization that can benefit from instant communication.


Where will my PTT phone work?

Kodiak-powered Push-to-Talk offers broad access to 4G LTE, 4G HSPA+, 3G, and Wi-Fi networks. Please contact your wireless carrier regarding their specific coverage offering.

Will my PTT service work in Canada or Mexico? How about on other carrier networks?

Kodiak-powered PTT is designed to interoperate with all major wireless carriers. For many users, using Wi-Fi is an option for international PTT calling, which significantly reduces international calling fees.  Please contact your wireless carrier for specific information regarding your rate plan and associated network coverage.

Will my PTT service work over Wi-Fi?

Kodiak-powered PTT leverages Wi-Fi access points within organizations and can access hot spots offered by service providers, which is especially useful for international PTT calls. Please consult with your wireless carrier regarding availability of hot spots in your coverage area.

Performance & Features

How long does it take for a PTT call to connect?

Kodiak-powered PTT offers sub-second call set-up time. It takes less than one second for a call to set up (the time it takes for the first volley) and maintains sub-second latency for users to volley back and forth.

How many contacts and groups can I have on my phone?

The Kodiak-powered PTT platform supports up to 1,300 contacts (1,000 contacts centrally managed by an administrator and 300 managed on the handset by the user) and 130 groups (100 groups through an administrator and 30 by the user) – with up to 250 members per group (250 members per group when created centrally by the administrator and 30 members per group when created on the handset by the user).

Will my new phone show presence status?

Yes, Kodiak-powered PTT offers the following real-time presence status indicators:

  • Available – user is available to have a PTT call
  • Do Not Disturb – users have put their phone into Do Not Disturb which means they cannot receive a PTT call but can receive an Instant Personal Alert
  • Offline- the user’s phone is not available for a PTT call as it is shut off or the PTT function has been turned off

Is it possible to add large numbers of contacts and groups for large numbers of PTT phones quickly and efficiently?

Kodiak-powered PTT offers an integrated corporate administrator tool (CAT) for centralized PTT contact and group management. The CAT is designed for administrators to easily assign and update contacts and groups for all PTT users in real time and over the air, and eliminates the need for users to manually create and manage a PTT address book.  Please check with your wireless carrier to verify that your account plan will provide you with access to this tool.

Do you offer an integrated dispatch console?

Yes, Kodiak-powered PTT supports dispatch applications through an integrated, Windows-based console. Key functionality includes the ability to manage PTT calls from the dispatcher to the field work force, as well as monitoring group calls and showing the location of PTT subscribers on a map.

Do you offer the ability to pre-empt calls?

Yes, Kodiak-enabled PTT supports the override capability. Specifically, a supervisor, dispatcher or any other PTT user with designated call override authority can takeover the PTT call floor anytime, even if someone else is speaking. We call this capability “Supervisory Override”.

Can you make a group call without a pre-defined group?

Yes, Kodiak-powered PTT offers an "quick (ad hoc) group call" feature that allows users to select up to ten individual PTT contacts and initiate a PTT group call.

Can I join a group call after it already started?

Yes, Kodiak-powered PTT supports late-join or rejoin for group calls.

Are my PTT calls secure?

Kodiak-enabled PTT is based on a secure platform using state-of-the-art AES 256 bit encryption to ensure secure transmission of PTT calls.

Can I switch between PTT and cellular calls?

Yes, with Kodiak-powered PTT you can easily switch from a PTT call to a cellular call. You can put a PTT call on hold to answer a regular cellular call and then go back to the previous PTT call if it is still in-progress.

Can PTT interoperate with LMR or PMR systems?

Yes, Kodiak-powered PTT can interoperate with LMR and PMR via Raytheon ACU interoperability gateways and donor radios. Please check with your wireless carrier to verify which models of radios will interoperate.


What are my PTT handset options?

Kodiak-powered PTT supports a broad range of smartphones, low-cost feature phones, as well as ruggedized and military spec handsets. Please contact your wireless carrier regarding their specific PTT handset and device offerings.

What PTT smartphones does Kodiak-powered PTT support?

Kodiak-powered PTT supports the leading smart phone operating systems including the Apple iOS*, Android, Blackberry 7.1 and Windows Mobile 6.5. Please contact your wireless carrier regarding their specific PTT smartphone offerings.

*Coming Soon

What low-cost feature phones are supported?

Kodiak-powered PTT supports top feature phones including the popular Samsung Rugby 3. Please contact your wireless carrier regarding their low-cost feature phones with PTT functionality.

Do you offer ruggedized handsets? How about military grade devices?

Yes, Kodiak-powered PTT supports ruggedized handsets including the popular Samsung Rugby Pro and Rugby 3. Additional military spec and ingress-protected devices include the Sonim 5560 (MIL-STD 810G, IP 68). Please contact your wireless carrier regarding their specific ruggedized and military grade handset offerings.

Do your phones have extra-loud speakers?

Kodiak-powered PTT supports a number of handsets designed for industrial and field use that often includes environments with high levels of noise. Please contact your wireless carrier regarding PTT handset offerings with amplified speakers.

Can I still use my existing handset if I switch?

Kodiak-powered PTT leverages the latest networks, whereas all other PTT solutions use 3G or older, legacy technology. Therefore, Kodiak-powered PTT requires handsets and devices that are compatible with 4G LTE or 4G HSPA+. Please contact your wireless carrier regarding your current handset model to ensure that it can be used for Kodiak-powered PTT.

Will you offer PTT on tablets?

Yes, Kodiak-powered PTT for tablets is on the product roadmap. Please contact your wireless carrier for their planned availability of these PTT-enabled devices.

Making the Switch

How do I switch to Kodiak-powered PTT?

PTT users looking to switch to Kodiak-powered PTT, please visit the Get Connected page to select a wireless carrier and start transitioning your current service.

How can I get Kodiak-powered PTT?

For more information on Kodiak-powered PTT, please visit the Get Connected page to select a wireless carrier and start the activation process.

* Not all system features, components, devices, and capabilities described on pushtotakbykodiak.com are available by every carrier that offers a Kodiak-powered Push to Talk service. Refer to each carrier's PTT service documentation and/or website for details on the carrier's PTT service offering.