Kodiak Broadband Push-to-Talk

Superior Performance. Unmatched Features.

Achieve greater productivity in your organization using Push-to-Talk communications with standard-setting features and performance like sub-second call set-up, highest voice quality, PTT over Wi-Fi, centralized management, and more.

Setting New Standards

Superior Performance

Initiate calls instantly to an individual or a group with sub-second call set-up and experience the highest voice quality with Kodiak-powered PTT, designed to help you get more accomplished — faster and more reliably — than ever before.

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PTT-highest voice quality with sub-second call setup

Unmatched Features

Kodiak-powered PTT delivers an enhanced user experience with key calling features including: real time presence notifications, late join/re-join functionality, supervisory override, personal call-me alerts, speaker identification, and the ability to manage PTT/cellular call interaction by placing a PTT call on hold to answer an incoming cellular call.

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Largest Number of PTT Contacts and Groups

Kodiak's next-generation PTT platform supports up to 1,300 contacts (1,000 contacts centrally managed by an administrator and 300 managed by the user) and 130 groups (100 groups managed by an administrator and 30 managed by the user) – with up to 250 members per group. With the ad-hoc calling feature, users can also call contacts simultaneously, without a pre-defined group, quick and easily.

Centralized Contact and Group Management

With an integrated corporate administrator tool for centralized PTT contact and group management, an administrator can easily assign and update contacts and groups for all PTT users real-time and over the air, eliminating the need for users to manually create and manage a PTT address book– saving both time and money for businesses of any size.

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Integrated Dispatch Console

Leveraging the benefits of instant communications, Kodiak-powered PTT supports dispatch applications through a Windows-based integrated console in order to effectively manage PTT calls from the dispatcher to the field work force, monitor group calls, and map PTT subscribers via GPS.

Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Interoperability

Land Mobile Radio and PTT users are often in situations requiring immediate communications with each other. Kodiak-powered PTT interconnects LMR and PTT users to ensure fast and seamless field operations.


The most important feature of all – Kodiak-powered PTT is enabled by an open, standards-based platform designed to evolve seamlessly to ensure that users are ready to leverage future technology advancements, without the need to worry about having to switch to a new network and service plan later on. Push to Talk by Kodiak is the next generation of PTT.

Push-to-Talk designed for the most-demanding user—youReview All Features