Kodiak Broadband Push-to-Talk

Augment Your LMR with Kodiak-powered PTT

Expand as You See Fit

Easily Add More Users and Extend Coverage as Needed

Kodiak-powered PTT provides the tools to take your communications to the next level by helping to expand numbers of users, extend coverage, elevate feature/functionality, and ensure reliable fallback support reliably, easily, and as much as you need when you need.

Expand as You See Fit

More Productivity. One Device.

One Device for Instant Communications and Mobile Productivity Applications

More Productivity. One Device.

Simplify communications, increase productivity, and save money by conveniently carrying a single device that integrates PTT, regular cellular voice, email, text, mobile broadband data, GPS, Bluetooth and enterprise productivity applications.

The Word on the Street

Push to Talk (PTT) services and shared user groups are suddenly hot as they are reborn on mainstream 4G networks and devices.

— Sue Rudd, Strategy Analytics

Robust user experience with call set-up times of less than one second and voice quality that compares favorably with traditional cellular voice services.

— Kelly Hill, RCR Wireless

What separates AT&T’s service from other PTT technology is the speed and quality of the connection.

— Steve Colkitt, IT Director, CourierNet

Redefining Push-to-Talk

Beyond Standard Instant Communication

Kodiak-powered Push to Talk sets a new standard for instant communications, providing users with access to the latest 4G technology (4G LTE/4G HSPA+) and support for 3G, PTT over Wi-Fi, and PTT on a Windows desktop PC. Based on the wireless industry's open PTT standard, Kodiak-powered PTT offers sub-second call performance, superior features, and the highest voice quality available.

Beyond Standard Instant Communication