Kodiak Broadband Push-to-Talk

Expand, Extend, Fallback

Kodiak-powered PTT provides the tools to take your communications to the next level by helping to expand numbers of users, extend coverage, elevate feature/functionality, and ensure reliable fallback support. 

Take Communications to the Next Level

More PTT Connections Made Easy

Kodiak-powered PTT helps extend your LMR network and expand LMR user base by enabling smartphone or low cost feature phone users to now seamlessly add PTT to their devices at a very low cost. Adding, removing, or changing PTT users is conveniently done through a web-based, centralized administration tool (CAT) which offers automatic, real-time, and over-the-air synching between Centralized Admin Tool and end-user devices. Connecting all levels of an organization with PTT-enabled smart devices and feature phones has never been this simple.

Capacity and Coverage without Limits

Supporting large numbers of PTT users and reserving LMR capacity for critical use scenarios including public safety are supported by Kodiak-powered PTT. No more worrying about LMR capacity issues and the ability to reach workers due to limited coverage or LMR and PTT interoperability. Kodiak-powered PTT offers flexible growth that eliminates the need to buy expensive LMR radios, deploy more repeaters, or license more channels and tower space.

Bridging LMR and Cellular PTT

Kodiak-powered PTT can help extend your LMR fleet by bridging cellular PTT devices and LMR radios for seamless communications and reliable fallback support. The solution is quite simple – utilizing a Raytheon ACU series interoperability gateway and Kodiak PoC LMR interoperability cable that connects LMR and cellular PTT networks together. Kodiak-powered PTT with LMR interoperability offers access to nationwide cellular networks, eliminates geographic coverage limitations of LMR radios, and allows users to use a single device and get frequent device upgrades as new models become available.

Evolve, Elevate, and Expand LMR Communications
with Kodiak-powered PTT

MoreSave Money
MoreSimplify Management
MoreImprove Productivity
MoreConsolidate Devices
MoreIncrease Coverage
MoreExpand Number of PTT Users

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We’ve Got Your Back

Whether you need to have mobile communications outside your LMR coverage area, interoperate with other LMR systems in the field, or rely on a fallback solution for critical communications scenarios, Kodiak-powered PTT provides a robust, purpose-built instant calling network to meet your needs.

We’ve Got Your Back

Broad Network Coverage

Making the switch from LMR to Kodiak-powered PTT provides access to the most advanced instant communications platform, allowing LMR users to leverage mobile broadband data capabilities over nationwide 4G LTE, 4G HSPA+, 3G, and Wi-Fi networks — without having to carry two separate devices.

Interoperability with Multiple LMR Technologies

Kodiak-powered PTT with LMR interoperability offers access to nationwide cellular networks, eliminates geographic coverage limitations of LMR radios, and allows users to use a single device. Kodiak-powered PTT is interoperable with a number of two-way radio technologies including Analog, DMR, P25, NXDN, and TETRA.

Reliable Fallback

Reliable network coverage and fallback assurance in more places and with more people – using just one device Kodiak-powered PTT enables a reliable, nationwide, and feature-rich fallback PTT network – especially when LMR systems reach capacity or the LMR network is down. In situations where LMR radios are not interoperable with other partner organizations or when workers are in locations not covered by the existing LMR system, end users can still initiate and receive instant calls or group voice communications.

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