Kodiak Broadband Push-to-Talk

Integrate Apps & Data on One Device

Simplify communications, increase productivity, and save money by conveniently carrying a single device that integrates PTT, regular cellular voice, email, text, mobile broadband data, GPS, Bluetooth and enterprise productivity applications.

More Productivity. One Device.

Integrated PTT, mobile broadband data, and enterprise productivity applications

Productivity Apps

Experience improved productivity and cost savings with a single PTT-enabled device that supports numerous enterprise productivity applications developed for mobile workers, including: fleet management, asset management, work order management, dispatch applications, paperless forms, and more. Add a productivity app that’s needed when needed — it’s just a download away.

Mobile Broadband

LMR data-rate limitations are easily overcome by the data rates available with cellular 4G LTE/HSPA+ and Wi-Fi. With access to mobile broadband networks, you can have a PTT-enabled cell phone, GPS device, navigation, Bluetooth, camera, and a data-driven productivity tool integrated onto one smart device.

Integrated Convenience

The devices themselves keep their talk group lists and individual contacts updated and auto-synched, over-the-air. With integrated contact administration, Kodiak-powered PTT makes it easy to setup multiple, special-purpose talk groups using its web-based centralized administration tool. PTT users conveniently stay connected with colleagues automatically and immediately.

Multi-model Communications

Along with the convenience, reliability, and efficiency of PTT, smart devices empower an organization’s workforce with more communication options. Email, text messaging (SMS/MMS), and standard cellular calls, are all possible on the same device used for PTT.

Wi-Fi Networking

Wi-Fi networking may be a common feature for a smartphone, but it allows for an advanced PTT capability—PTT over Wi-Fi. Now, organizations can economically extend their own coverage using standard Wi-Fi equipment inside of buildings, down in basements, or to the far reaches of a sprawling facility.

Location Awareness

Smartphones and devices incorporate GPS capability as a standard feature—allowing for location awareness of field workers. Kodiak-powered Push-to-Talk, includes location-based Dispatch Console software as an available component of its PTT solution. This enables dispatchers to see PTT users’ locations on a map and make PTT calls to one or a group quickly and easily.

Two-way radios just do this.

Standard two-way radios are single-purpose communication devices that don’t scale to meet the demands of today’s mobile data user's needs. With Kodiak-powered PTT, a device used for PTT communications becomes a full-featured productivity tool.

Robust Features

Secure PTT communications. Highest voice quality. Patented sub-second call set-up time. Wi-Fi network coverage. LMR interoperability. Just a few of the many superior features offered by Kodiak-powered PTT to keep you connected, productive, and seamlessly communicating between LMR and carrier PTT users.


Smart. Rugged. Refreshed Regularly.

With a broad range of smart, rugged, and data-capable devices at a variety of low price points, Kodiak-powered PTT users can leverage the benefits of robust voice and mobile broadband data using the device of their choice. Cost-effective cellular rate plans—all backed by carrier-supported maintenance and management—have device upgrades built in for either free or a nominal cost. So, with built-in upgrades, your organization can keep its devices refreshed and current with technology.

More PTT Devices
Broad set of PTT devices to meet your needs.

Samsung Galaxy ProSamsung Galaxy S3iPhone 5NEC TerrainSonim 5560 Bolt
Don’t Get Left Behind

Don’t Get Left Behind

As network footprints grow larger and data speeds rapidly increase, now is the time to start making the switch from LMR to Kodiak-powered PTT. LMR operators can dramatically expand the reach and capabilities of a PTT communication system by using Kodiak-powered PTT. LMR operators can move subscribers all at once or transition them over time, while adding substantial end-user benefits that include being able to access a nationwide network and choosing a single, integrated PTT-enabled smart device for all mobile communication needs.

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