Kodiak Broadband Push-to-Talk

Reduce Cost & Complexity

Discover reduced costs and complexity with a purpose-built instant communications platform that delivers exceptional performance, LMR interoperability, and mobile broadband data capabilities over nationwide 4G LTE, 4G HSPA+, 3G, and Wi-Fi networks. Unlike traditional LMR, Kodiak-powered PTT doesn’t require high up-front capital equipment investments, tower space leases, maintenance contracts, or network/device management.

A Lot More for a Lot Less

Got You Covered

Kodiak-powered PTT offers the most advanced instant communications platform, allowing LMR users to access to high-quality voice and mobile broadband data capabilities over nationwide 4G LTE, 4G HSPA+, 3G, and Wi-Fi networks — without the expense or burden of having to own, maintain and carry two separate devices. Now that’s great coverage for a lot less cost.

Choice Savings

Reduced fees, unlimited PTT plans, and subsidized handsets – all available with PTT powered by Kodiak Networks. LMR users now have a choice – pay a small fee in addition to an existing voice and data plan, with unlimited PTT or choose a low-cost, fixed-fee PTT-only plan, with unlimited instant calling.  Subsidized or free handsets significantly reduce capital expense, with prices ranging from free rugged handsets to low cost, high-end smartphones. In addition to convenient billing options, users can now upgrade devices every two years – either for free or with a nominal fee based on device type –allowing you to stay current with advances in technology and applications.

Simplify and Save

Over- the- air activations, centralized contact management, and reduced maintenance – start simplifying your communications today with Kodiak-powered PTT.  Simply select the device and plan you want, activate devices, create contacts and groups for all users online, and begin push-to-talk with other users. Instant communications and end-user support have never been this easy with a PTT system. Kodiak-powered PTT users gain access to a continuously upgraded and expanded carrier network that removes the complexity and costs of leasing tower space, managing network infrastructure and expanding coverage – all while eliminating device maintenance, manual software updates, and re-programming. Kodiak-powered PTT is hosted service, which includes equipment installation, operational support, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc. You get the benefit of LMR-like PTT communications without the need for on-premise equipment deployment and in-house user support.

A Lot More for a Lot Less - Save 55%

By the Numbers

Compare and Save

A savings of about 55% can be realized as shown in this comparison of a typical private in-house trunked LMR system with cellular-based Kodiak-powered Push-to-Talk.

Whether you have an in-house LMR system or use a shared LMR system hosted by a dealer, we encourage you to do the math. Calculate your savings and ROI, and you’re on your way to making the right move to Kodiak-powered PTT.

Download the Savings Calculator spreadsheet.

 Trunked LMR System
privately operated
typical range, carrier subsidized
PTT handset unit price ~$200-5000
model dependent
$0 Network infrastructure equipment ~$380/user
$0 Equipment installation and programming ~$240/user
$0 Tower lease ~$150/user per year
$0 Equipment maintenance ~$100/user per year
$0 Management and end user support ~$500/user per year
in-house labor
One Device=
One Plan
PTT + mobile broadband data
for those who need both PTT and cellular data
LMR radio + second device with a cellular plan
< $500 Annualized cost per user
capitalized equipment cost+recurring operating expenses
> $1,050

Savings of 55%